• What is Ananda?

Ananda is spiritual community founded in 1968 by Swami Kriyananda based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda which consist of about 250 residents who meditate and serve daily. We have approximately 25 businesses, including a guest retreat, a school system, and a deli/market.

  • What does an “Ananda” Wedding Ceremony look like?

It consists of the prayer to “saints of all religions”, meditation and chanting, exchange of the roses, ceremony of the elements (earth, water, incense), exchange of rings, and vows, uplifting music.

  • Can my Wedding Ceremony be from my own tradition and can I bring my own minister, rabbi, etc?

Yes, certainly.

  • If I don’t want to hire live musicians, can you provide recorded music?

Yes. See the Resources page under “Recorded Music”.

  • Are there any books about Crystal Hermitage?

Yes, there are two in particular. Crystal Hermitage Gardens by Barbara Bingham is a “photographic pilgrimage” to the location, and Space, Light, and Harmony by Swami Kriyananda is a history of Crystal Hermitage.

  • What is the maximum capacity for your venue?

Chapel 50. Outdoor garden 125.

  • Is your site rentable for events other than weddings?


  • Is there a number to call in case of emergency?

911 – At all times during the wedding there will be an onsite staff person.

  • Do you allow alcohol on site?

No. It has been our experience that not having alcohol gives an opportunity for guests to experience the environment and occasion to its fullest vibration and experience. We can offer options like non-alcoholic wine and sparkling cider.

  • Do you have liability insurance?


  • Do you allow pets?

We don’t normally allow pets at a wedding, but if you want to have a pet, please discuss this with us.

  • When is the best season to get married at Ananda Weddings?

Spring, summer and fall.

  • Do you have a list of local vendors you would recommend?

Yes, please see the Resource list

  • Do you have an indoor facility in case of rain?

The chapel holds a maximum of 50 people, otherwise you might consider renting a tent at an additional cost.

  • Do you have night lighting in the garden?

Yes, we have tiki torches and Christmas lights in the lower garden.

  • Who takes care of cleanup?

You are responsible for any decorating you might do and also the take down of the decorating, unless other arrangements are made. Your caterer will be responsible for the cleanup. If you don’t have a caterer for the reception, we will need to discuss the details and an additional charge might apply.

  • What is the capacity for parking?

We have parking for 70 cars.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

$200 non-refundable deposit at time of reservation. Full payment due day of wedding or day before preferred. We accept cash, checks or Visa and Master Card

  • Do you have bride and groom dressing room area?

We have a Guest House which can be available for a fee.

  • Do you have kitchen facilities available?

We have kitchen facilities available for the use of your caterer. This is mostly for heating things up. We ask that food preparation take place before arriving at Crystal Hermitage.

  • Are linens, silverware, etc provided?

No, we have a rental agency who can provide these.

  • Are tables and chairs provided?

We have some tables and chairs available. We have chairs for the Chapel and inside Crystal Hermitage. Outdoor chairs for the wedding and reception must be rented.

  • Do you have onsite Catering?


  • Do you allow outside catering?

Yes. Please see Resource list.

  • Is there handicap access?

Because of the nature of the terraced gardens, handicap access is possible.

There are some steps involved. We don’t have easy handicap access. We do have close access to the chapel, but you will need to go up about 10 steps. The reception area can be reached through a lower gate and a wheelchair can access the reception that way. To get inside, you will have just one step. Please let us know if you have someone needing these arrangements.

  • What are the earliest we can arrive? Latest we must leave by?

You can arrive 45 minutes before the wedding ceremony starts, and up to one hour for the ceremony. We offer 3 hours for the reception. Please let us know your needs and we will try to make it work for all.
For each additional hour spent is an additional fee of $100/hour. (this is dependent if there is another wedding that day) If you are having a wedding and reception, you have the facility for a total of 5 hours.

  • What music is allowed to play?

Because of wanting to keep an uplifting environment, we ask that people play only Ananda music or classical music. We’ll be happy to give you some samples of Ananda music which includes folk and celtic pieces. As part of our vendors, we have musicians available to play chello, harp, etc.

  • Do you have a sound system?


  • If I have questions that aren’t answered here, who should I contact?

Lalita at 530-478-7587